This article was written for Outdoor Swimmer by Ella Foote.

If you want to step away from the screen and don’t have the concentration span for reading at the moment, you might turn to podcasts. Podcasts are a really popular medium and there is a huge variety to listen to, including swimming themed series.Ella Foote at Outdoor Swimmer picked out some podcast favourites.

Water in your ears

Swim Wild, Karen Parry
Swim stories for any kind of swimmer is the best summary of this podcast. Now in its third series it has featured a mix of well-known swimmers like Beth French and popular swimmers like Suzanna Cruickshank. It tells personal tales, stories of iconic swims and connections with the natural world. Each listen is like meeting some new pals at the water’s edge.

Floating, Joe Minihane
You may know Joe from his book by the same name, which follows Roger Deakin’s footsteps and shares Joe’s story of swimming. His podcast is a collection of conversations with swimming guests including author Jenny Landreth and Deakin & Blue CEO Rosie Cook. Joe meets swimmers at their favourite swim spots, so watery sounds and bird song can be heard.

In the Deep End, Ed Accura
Ed is one of the founders of the Black Swimming Association and the personality behind the documentary film Blacks Can’t Swim. Each week Ed interviews black and ethnic celebrities about their relationship with swimming. Guests so far include Olympic hopeful Alice Dearing and Actor Noel Clarke.

Wild Swim, Manchester Mermaid
Celebration on the joy of swimming in lidos, lakes, rivers and seas. Some episodes are just short and sweet, others a longer listen. Guests include Founder & Publisher of Outdoor Swimmer, Simon Griffiths. Winter swimming, training and challenges all discussed.

On dry land…

Terra Incognita, Matt Pycroft
Ongoing series of longer conversations with pioneers of adventure and discovery. Great way to escape into amazing stories and experiences. Filmaker Matt Pycroft speaks to the most accomplished and respected voices in the field, from Arctic scientists to tree climbers. Really quite remarkable and inspiring stuff.

Living Adventurously, Alistair Humphreys
Author and adventurer Alistair Humphreys interviews ordinary people living extraordinary lives over the course of a month-long cycling journey. His aim was to discover what adventure means to different people and what stands in the way. Guests include IronMan and ultra-marathon runner Michaela Hanna.

Sport focused…

The Game Changes, Sue Anstiss (Promote PR)
How sport has the power to transform people’s lives. A chance to listen to the biggest names in women’s sport and hear how women continue to knock down barriers and challenge the status quo. Sue Anstiss interviews guests like Broadcaster Clare Balding and Sports Editor at the Telegraph Anna Kessel.

Wisdom in tricky times…

Happy Place, Fearn Cotton
Easy listening and well produced, this is a popular podcast. BBC Radio presenter Fearn Cotton, doing what she does best, chatting to a mix of guests about their life, challenges and what happiness means to them. Six series to get through and lots of wisdom to be heard.

How to Fail, Elizabeth Day
Conversations that unpick what it is to fail. Uplifting and full of super stories you haven’t heard before from people you think you know. Really insightful lessons from people like philosopher and author Alain de Botton and amusing tales from people like David Baddiel. Comforting during times like this.

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Photo by William Iven on Unsplash