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Khulna, Bangladesh


Swim for WaterAid

Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or you're looking to dip your toe in for the first time, join Team WaterAid to make a difference to your own life and to others'. Have fun, enjoy the water and raise some money to help bring the joy of clean water to others around the world.

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How we'll support you

To help support all our swimmers in the lead up to race day we’ve teamed up with a top training company to provide you with a special training package. As a member of our team you’ll receive:

  • Training and physio guidance from expert coaches
  • Email helpline – ask a coach or physio your training, race, nutrition or injury questions
  • Twitter and Facebook ask-the-coach services and webinar sessions

In addition to our training perks, you’ll also receive support from a dedicated member of WaterAid’s events team and top on-the-day support! 

If you have a question or would like to chat about joining Team WaterAid please get in touch.

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How your support can transform lives

Sadly, unlike the pristine Great Swim backdrops - Lake Windermere and Alton Water - sometimes a beautiful waterscape, like the one pictured above in Khulna, Bangladesh, can be deceiving.

Shila Bawali draws undrinkable salty water from a pond for washing purposes. Khulna, Bangladesh

Already, 785 million people worldwide don’t have a reliable source of clean water, but the more our climate changes, the more challenging this becomes. In Khulna, salty water has been washed into ponds and pumps following a number of natural disasters, including floods and storms. With no clean water to drink, cook and wash with, people are vulnerable to illness and can struggle to earn a living. 

Shockingly, 1 in 10 people around the world still don’t have access to water close to home. Without clean water close to home, families are forced to rely on far-away unclean water sources, wasting hours every day collecting water that isn't safe. The situation is getting increasingly urgent. Every day, already fragile water supplies are at even greater risk of disappearing completely.

But, by joining WaterAid’s Great Swim Series team, you can help tackle this injustice, bringing clean water to people around the world.

By working directly with communities and decision makers, WaterAid can help provide access to sustainable and reliable sources of clean water. With a steady supply of clean water there’s a chance for children to stay in school and get an education, for families to make a decent living, and for whole communities to lift themselves out of poverty. 

When a community gets clean water for the first time there's a tremendous sense of joy and celebration. They know that there's now the possibility of a healthier, happier life. You can help spread these joys and possibilities by joining WaterAid’s Great Swim Series team, and bringing clean water to people around the world.  

A child collects safe and clean filtered water. Kathamari, Bangladesh


Our official charity

Swim for WaterAid

Here at The Great Swims, we’re delighted to announce WaterAid as our 2021 Event Charity Partner. Join their team today and help bring the joy of clean water to people around the world.

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