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2021 event day timetable*:

Time Swim Hat Colour Distance
Friday 11 June    
Friday 11:00  Information point opens  
Friday 13:00 RED 10k swim
Friday 13:45 GREEN 5k swim
Friday 15:00 PINK 2 mile swim
Friday 16:00 YELLOW 1 mile swim
Friday 16:30 ORANGE 1 mile swim
Friday 17:00 WHITE Half mile swim
Friday 17:30 RED Swim250

*Please Note. All times are subject to change in the lead up to the event


2021 event day timetable*:

Time Swim Hat Colour Distance
Saturday 12 June    
Saturday 7:00 Information point opens  
Saturday 09:30 RED Half mile swim
Saturday 10:00 GREEN Half mile swim
Saturday 10:30 PINK 1 mile swim
Saturday 11:00 YELLOW 1 mile swim
Saturday 11:30 ORANGE 1 mile swim
Saturday 12:30 RED 1 mile swim
Saturday 13:00 GREEN 1 mile swim
Saturday 13:30 PINK 1 mile swim
Saturday 14:00 YELLOW 1 mile swim
Saturday 14:30 ORANGE Swim 250
Saturday 15:00 WHITE Swim 250

*Please Note. All times are subject to change in the lead up to the event


2021 event day timetable*:

Time Swim Hat Colour Distance
Sunday 13 June    
Sunday 7:30 Information point opens  
Sunday 09:00 RED 10k swim
Sunday 09:00 GREEN 5k swim
Sunday 09:45 PINK 2 mile swim
Sunday 10:30 YELLOW 2 mile swim
Sunday 11:30 ORANGE 1 mile swim
Sunday 12:00 WHITE 1 mile swim
Sunday 12:30 RED Half mile swim
Sunday 13:00 GREEN Swim 250

*Please Note: All times are subject to change in the lead up to the event

If you need to check which wave you are in, you can use our online 'Wave Check' function by clicking here >


2021 Event Maps (subject to change)

Swimmers-Only Zone

We want to ensure that you have the best Great Swim experience. We have created a swimmers-only zone to allow you all to be socially distanced as you go through the start area and make your way to the water.


The Swimmers-Only Zone will have a one-way system and you will enter and exit from the supporters' green

You will be asked to enter the swimmer's zone an hour before your start time to ensure you have plenty of time to change, check in and warm up

A baggage facility is available, however, as always we'd recommend arriving with minimal baggage, or leaving your belongings with family or friends. If you do use the baggage-drop please ensure your baggage label is attached and is weatherproofed

There will be a limited capacity enclosed changing facility available, which will require face masks to enter. There may be queues

There will also be a small pre and post swim open air changing area available for those with changing robes. These will be separated into male and female zones

Within the swimmers' zone there will be toilet facilities, water refill points (please bring your own bottles), and hand sanitising stations

Unless you have a specific event question, there is no need to visit the information point before entering the swimmers’ zone


You will receive a warm-up, a pre-swim safety briefing and the chance to acclimatise in the water before your swim starts.

Don’t forget, your timing chip only activates once you cross over the timing mat under the start gantry, so when the hooter sounds, there’s no need to rush into the water. 

Your timing chip will automatically track your time when you walk across the timing mat at the finish. Your results will be available following the event here

Keep moving through the finish area and you will be able to collect your finisher’s bag, which includes your t-shirt, medal and bottle of water

Don’t forget to pose for an official photo from our partners Marathon Photos, which will be available to buy online at

You will continue to make your way through the one-way system past the baggage collection and changing, and back to the supporters green

Make sure you refuel and rehydrate at the various food and drink stalls and facilities available on site.

Water Safety

We just want to reassure you that you are in very safe hands while taking part in your swim. We have lots of fully trained water safety kayakers, lifeguards and boats monitoring you all the way around, so you're never far from some friendly support.

If you find yourself struggling, or in need of a little breather, just lay on your back or tread water and pop your hand up, and one of our safety team will make their way to you to check everything is ok. We have plenty of safety craft on the water and someone will reach you as quickly as possible.